What if the Power Went Out?

Well… My entire life would fall apart if the power went out for good. I mean, not entirely, but for the most part. Our world started to shift thinking and working onto the digital space. It solves some issues. But recently, YouTuber "DistroTube" had to live without power for an entire week due to a hurricane. I never thought about something like that occuring. But let me tell you: I’d be screwed in this kind of situation. I rely heavily on my tech.

Because of this I’m thinking of ways to shift my life back offline to some extent (or even further: off-grid). I already own a solar charger for my phone. But a phone without connection would be pretty useless. I think I’m gonna focus on the following things: skills and logging.


Right now I’m way too much focused on skills that rely on technology to be useful. But here’s the problem:

  • As a teacher I should be able to get my jhob done without reliance on my computer/tablet/whatsoever. If I cant’ teach kids stuff without fancy tech, what does it matter anyway? Thus, I’ll gather some more offline-material and start shifting things back to paper to some extent.
  • As a musician I should be able to play my own songs on one instrument (guitar in my case). If I can’t, I shouldn’t even think about recording it. If records can’t be listened to anymore, the only source of music will be performing. If I can’t perform my own stuff, I shouldn’t write it. So, let’s start writing that stuff down. If back-ups fail or something, I’m good. Got that stuff written down.


If I work for 8 hours, wouldn’t it be a shame if everything was just gone afterwards? That would suck hard. I should definitely start logging my progress on paper. Especially if it comes to writing music or creating some material for lessons. If all things fail, the brain probably isn’t the most reliable source of reference. So this should help out a little. I could technically do that digitally and print it out. For writing down music, this might be a huge time-saver.


Analog Replacement for Online Calendars

Google, Microsoft and tons of other big tech companies want to gather as much data about you as possible. And one of the easiest ways to gather it is giving you a “free” calendar. What they don’t tell you (unless you read a book-sized terms of service document) is that they will use that data to “personalize” your experience. This is internet-crap jargon for “we will sell that stuff to anybody who’s willing to spend a penny”. And the crazy part about it is they aren’t even that useful to begin with.

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Is FL Studio 20 Running on Linux (Elementary OS/Ubuntu)?

Yes. Thanks for reading, please make sure to follow the blog. Just kidding. For musicians it often turns out to be a bit harder to switch to Linux, especially if you’re depending on software. My personal DAW of choice is FL Studio and my entire creative work is relying on it. Because of this, I wasn’t able to ever switch to Linux entirely. But nowadays I can use it on my Notebook on the go. And I will show you how I did it on Elementary OS 5.0 Juno (Ubuntu 18.04 based installs should work the same).

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