New Record in the Works

I recently discovered that my subscriber count on my website has increased quite a bit. The last release I’ve put out there as a solo artist (and not as a producer/featured guest) was back in 2015. A lot of things since have changed and I am currently working on two projects: an album (since 2016) and an EP (since 2017). While I can’t make announcements about what will be done first I put a lot of thought into both works and they will be a huge change of style. I’m pretty sure it is the best to switch things up.

I also thought about doing regular blog posts to give updates, talk about music and maybe even talk about tips and tricks with recording music on a tight budget.

Thanks for subscribing and feel free to say hi!

Eisfuxx – Ipanema EP (produced by the J effect)

In 2017 German Rapper Eisfuxx released his second EP “Ipanema”. The J effect contributed by producing the entire EP and being featured on the collaboration track “Wasser” that combines elements of Rap, Electro and Rock. Free Download on the official website: